Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA

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Revision rhinoplasty (also known as secondary rhinoplasty) becomes necessary when patients are not happy with the results from previous nose surgery — or when the nose heals in an unexpected way. The ultimate goal is to create as natural and aesthetically pleasing a nose as possible that fits the patient’s face and aesthetic goals. The surgery can also result in improving the breathing function of the nose.

Revision rhinoplasty is carried out at least one year after the initial surgery and requires special expertise and advanced surgical techniques on the part of the plastic surgeon.

An expert in revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Moradzadeh first conducts an in-depth evaluation and digital imaging of the patient candidate’s nose and a review of the surgical and medical records from the previous rhinoplasty procedure. This allows him to determine the cause of the unsatisfactory results and whether or not the patient will be able to benefit from new surgery.

Understanding the Procedure

Revision rhinoplasty surgery varies in complexity and technique, depending on the nature of the problem to be corrected. The procedure can be as simple as an in-office touch-up or as complex as a total nasal reconstruction.

What to Expect Afterwards

The recovery time generally lasts between 7 and 10 days. The patient will usually have a splint on the nose, which is one week after the surgery. Most patients will not have nasal packing and usually return to work within two weeks. Dr. Moradzadeh monitors the patient’s progress during the first ten days after the surgery, with follow-up appointments every three months for the first year and annually every year after that. Full results are usually achieved after one year.

Is Revision Rhinoplasty Right For You?

Dr. Moradzadeh can help you make that determination after an extensive examination and consultation. As with all rhinoplasty surgery, it’s important to be realistic and clear about your goals for the procedure.

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