IPL (Photo Facial) Treatment

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Phototherapy is an innovative and effective treatment to eradicate red facial veins and flushing, improve acne rosacea, treat irregular skin pigmentation and wrinkles, and reduce fine facial lines that begin to appear on facial and non-facial skin that’s exposed to sunlight. These skin conditions can be caused by a host of factors, including loss of collagen and elastic, sun damage, smoking, alcohol use and hormonal changes.

Understanding the Procedure

Dr. Moradzadeh’s advanced IPL system (Limelight) delivers light energy through the skin to remove facial redness, erase pigmented spots, reduce pore size and improve fine lines. Typically, he administers a series of 2 to 3 IPL photofacial treatments at 3- or 4-week intervals.

What to Expect Afterwards

Patients only experience mild discomfort and facial pinkness after the treatment (which can be covered with makeup until it disappears), and they can return to work or resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

After one or two phototherapy treatments, patients will notice that their skin has a more even tone and a smoother look and feel. Sunspots will start to fade, pores will become less apparent, and fine lines and wrinkles will soften over time. And these improvements will continue with each treatment. Patients with acne or rosacea will see a reduction in facial redness after each treatment, as well.

Are IPL Photo Facial Treatments Right For You?

If you have rosacea, a red flushed face, facial blood vessels and capillaries, sun damaged skin, pigmented facial spots and/or enlarged pores, talk with Dr. Moradzadeh and find out if IPL is a viable option for you. Dr. Moradzadeh’s Limelight IPL device is unique because it is safe to use on even the darkest skin colors. Dr. Moradzadeh has additional expertise in treating Mediterranean, Asian and African skin tones.

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