Ear Lobe Repair

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Earlobe repair surgery for men and women is used to close and/or repair the torn or stretched earlobe and restore it to its original shape so it can function normally. Piercing of the ears can be maintained after earlobe repair surgery.


The procedure, which is virtually painless, takes about an hour or less and involves the use of local anesthesia. Typically the tissue is cut in a special pattern call a “Z-plasty” flap. This involves removing the damaged skin or ear piercing tract and suturing together the outer and inner layers of skin and the fatty tissue in between.


Following the procedure patients are left with a natural looking, repaired and functioning earlobe. The recovery time is minimal and there is almost no pain following the procedure. Patients can return to their normal activities almost immediately. No dressing of any kind needs to be applied after the surgery — only antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. The stitches are removed about a week later when the swelling has subsided. The earlobe should heal fully within six to eight weeks.


Following an initial consultation, Dr. Moradzadeh will be able to advise you on the best options for treating your damaged, torn or stretched earlobe. Earlobes are typically one of the major focal points on the face and a torn, deformed or split earlobe can detract from one’s appearance or preventing you from being able to wear the earrings you want. If your earlobes have been separated by a tear or they are significantly stretched enough to cause deformity, earlobe repair surgery may be the recommended option. Patients may also choose to have naturally long, detached earlobes reduced in size using this procedure.


An earlobe that has become elongated or flopped can be repaired with a simple surgical procedure and, if necessary, this can be supplemented with a facial filler like Juvederm® or Restylane®, which can be used to restore volume to the ear lobe and improve its appearance. Dr. Moradzadeh can advise you about the right treatment to ensure the best possible results.

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