Male Rhinoplasty Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA

Many men seek improvements in the size, shape, or functionality of their noses for reasons ranging from breathing difficulties to aesthetic refinement. AM Facial Plastics in Beverly Hills, CA, addresses these needs with our specialized male rhinoplasty surgery. This procedure is meticulously designed to meet our male patients’ unique structural and aesthetic requirements, enhancing nasal function and facial balance while preserving masculine features.

What Is Male Rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping or resizing a man’s nose to improve its appearance and, in some cases, its function. This type of rhinoplasty considers men’s unique aesthetic goals, facial structure, and skin thickness, ensuring the results are harmonious with the patient’s masculine features. The procedure can address various concerns, including the size and shape of the nose, the angle between the nose and the upper lip, and nasal function issues like breathing difficulties.

Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) is a popular procedure for men. Bringing the nose into balance with the rest of the face can dramatically improve a man’s appearance. In some cases, rhinoplasty is combined with a chin implant to further balance the face while improving the jawline.

How Does Male Rhinoplasty Differ From Female Rhinoplasty?

In general, while the surgical techniques of rhinoplasty are the same for male and female patients, the aesthetic goals are different. Male noses tend to have a more prominent, straighter bridge and greater width to the middle of the nose. 

The tip in men should be less rotated; classically, the angle between the nose and the upper lip is described as being between 90 and 95 degrees. By contrast, women patients, particularly those of shorter stature, can tolerate another 5 to 10 degrees of tip rotation and a small supratip break, the subtle indentation along the bridge just above the tip.

Men also tend to have thicker skin, which can also affect the overall refinement of the nose. With either men or women, there is no perfect nose for everyone. Rather the nose adjustments need to be “customized” based on the patient’s individual aesthetic sense and other facial features.

Benefits of Male Rhinoplasty Surgery

Improved Appearance

One of the primary benefits is enhancing the nose’s appearance, making it more proportional to the rest of the face. It can straighten the nose, reduce or increase the size, change the shape of the tip or bridge, and correct asymmetry, leading to improved facial harmony.

Corrected Breathing Issues

Beyond aesthetic improvements, rhinoplasty can correct structural abnormalities that impair breathing, such as a deviated septum. Improving nasal airflow can significantly enhance sleep quality, exercise capability, and comfort.

Customized Results

Rhinoplasty for men is tailored to preserve masculine features, ensuring that results are natural-looking and appropriate to the patient’s gender and overall facial structure. The procedure considers factors like skin thickness, facial angles, and the size of facial features to maintain a masculine appearance.

Permanent Solution

While some cosmetic treatments require ongoing maintenance, the rhinoplasty results are permanent. After a single surgery and recovery period, patients can enjoy the benefits for a lifetime, without the need for repeat procedures.

Understanding the Procedure for Male Rhinoplasty

Dr. Moradzadeh will make an incision, usually placed within the nostril to the framework of the nose. He then sculpts cartilage away to reduce the size or shape of the nose (or, if the opposite result is desired, tissue may be added to increase the size of the nose). The septum may be trimmed to correct droopiness or may be realigned to correct breathing problems. 

At the end of the surgery, a splint will be placed on the outside of the nose and possibly on the inside as well. These splints are used to protect the nasal structures that are temporarily delicate as a result of the procedure.

A rhinoplasty can take from one to four hours depending on the complexity of the procedure. This surgery is done on an outpatient basis with general or local anesthesia.

What to Expect Afterward

Patients may experience some degree of bruising and swelling, but this improves progressively over the course of two to four weeks. A splint will be placed on the outside of the nose and possibly on the inside as well. These splints are used to protect the nasal structures that are temporarily delicate as a result of the procedure.

Bed rest is recommended the day of the surgery, and activity should be limited for the following two days. Patients should avoid strenuous activities for about four to six weeks after rhinoplasty, but they can generally return to work in one week.

FAQs About Male Rhinoplasty Surgery

Is Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

Good candidates for male rhinoplasty are individuals who are looking to improve the appearance and/or function of their nose in a way that aligns with their overall facial features and maintains masculine characteristics. Candidates should be in good general health, non-smokers (or willing to quit), and have realistic expectations about the surgery’s outcomes. Emotional maturity and a clear understanding of the procedure’s limitations are also important. Functional candidates may be experiencing breathing difficulties due to structural issues within the nose, such as a deviated septum.

What Improvements Can I Expect With Male Rhinoplasty?

Male patients are generally quite satisfied with the results of the procedure. Noses appear smaller, better proportioned, and generally more attractive. Damaged or crooked noses are fixed and straightened, and breathing capability is improved. Generally, patients experience an overall improvement in their self-image and happiness with their appearance. A consultation with Dr. Moradzadeh will help you determine if rhinoplasty makes sense for the goals you are trying to achieve.

Discover the Potential of Male Rhinoplasty Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA

Male rhinoplasty at AM Facial Plastics in Beverly Hills, CA, focuses on the unique requirements of men’s facial aesthetics. This specialized procedure aims to improve the nose’s appearance and function, maintain masculine features, and offer a lasting solution for various nasal issues. With a commitment to natural-looking results that complement each individual’s facial structure, the benefits span from correcting respiratory functions to enhancing nasal symmetry and overall facial balance. We provide expert guidance and care for those considering this transformative step toward a more harmonious facial aesthetic. Contact us online or call (310) 659-9900 for a personalized consultation with us.

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