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If you suffer from acne, you no longer need to turn to birth control or harsh oral medications like ACCUTANE that have harmful side effects to treat your acne. Now, you can achieve clearer skin, brighter skin, and smoother skin with AviClear, an acne treatment that works. At our AM Facial Plastics locations in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, CA, we are proud to offer this effective laser treatment that will give you a clear, beautiful complexion, minus the side effects.

Acne Treatment With AviClear

AviClear is the only FDA-approved laser device that can effectively treat mild to severe forms of acne. This 1726nm wavelength laser system is so effective because it targets the source of acne with light energy and, in doing so, helps treat current breakouts, prevent future ones, and creates a more even skin tone.

The laser light energy penetrates beyond the skin’s surface to regulate sebum production and reduce excess oil to help you achieve a clear complexion. It’s a painless and effective treatment with a built-in contact cooling system that helps patients maintain optimal comfort throughout the treatment process. There’s no downtime, treatment times are quick, and you will see results.

AviClear Vs. Accutane

AviClear is an effective laser treatment that treats and prevents acne, and it does it all without any harmful side effects. There’s also no downtime. It’s pain-free and extremely effective. Until now, ACCUTANE has been the go-to solution prescribed by dermatologists for those suffering from acne. However, ACCUTANE has side effects.

Many patients who begin using this prescription oral medication experience different side effects like dry skin, rashes, dry eyes, joint and muscular pain, and even vision problems. If you don’t want to take an oral medication that could negatively affect your health, you don’t have to. AviClear is the perfect acne treatment because it uses light energy to suppress sebum production and won’t negatively impact your health.

Before And After Skin

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This treatment is the perfect option for those who want to treat and heal acne and have busy lifestyles. A typical treatment plan includes a series of three 30-minute treatments over three months. The treatments are quick and effective and won’t require hours of your time.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Patients who began using AviClear to treat their acne can expect to see some immediate improvements after their first treatment. Your results will continue to improve as you follow the recommended treatment plan. When you come in for your initial consultation, we can provide you with a better idea of what your treatment plan will look like, when you can expect to see results, and how soon you can expect them.

Clearer Skin

The number one benefit of this acne treatment is that it helps patients achieve clearer skin. You won’t have to use harsh topical solutions that dry your skin or increase sun sensitivity to achieve clearer skin; instead, you can simply schedule this laser treatment to target acne at its source. It will help treat current acne and prevent future acne so that you can enjoy clear so long term.

Smoother Skin

Blemishes detract from your skin and create an irregular skin texture. This treatment will help reduce sebum production so that you can live blemish-free and, by default, achieve smoother skin. Smoother skin is envy-worthy skin, and not only will your makeup apply better, but you will achieve a smooth complexion that will make you feel more confident in your appearance.

Brighter Skin

This laser treatment will also help promote skin health and help you achieve brighter skin. You’ll see an immediate improvement in the appearance of your skin post-treatment, and it will have a brighter, healthier glow. If you’re tired of living with inflamed skin, redness, and painful breakouts, this laser treatment may be the perfect option for you.

Who Is a Candidate?

The best candidates for AviClear are those who want a safe and effective solution that will treat acne and want that solution to be free of chemicals and side effects. If acne has drained your confidence in your appearance, you may be the perfect candidate. Women struggling with adult acne who don’t want to begin using birth control and throw off their natural hormones to treat acne make good candidates for this laser treatment.

Additionally, teens who have experienced acne and want to clear their skin, especially before special high school events like proms and graduations, or even just be acne-free for good, can schedule this treatment to achieve their skin goals.

Scheduling Your Consultation

The best way to learn more about this treatment and determine if you are a good treatment candidate is by scheduling an initial consultation here at our office. Our skincare experts will explain the treatment process and how it works, evaluate your skin, and confirm that you are a good treatment candidate. Then, we can begin the treatment process so that you can experience acne-free skin as soon as possible.

Achieve a Clear Complexion Once and for All

Life is too short to live with acne. Now that you know there is a solution that will work and won’t result in any harmful side effects, what are you waiting for? Take that first step and schedule your initial consultation so that we can help you begin a treatment plan that will finally enable you to achieve a beautiful and clearer complexion. Smoother skin, brighter skin, and clearer skin are within your reach.

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