Facial Trauma Treatment

Serving Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and surrounding areas

Dr. Moradzadeh is highly trained and skilled in treating Facial Trauma, and well versed in the proper treatment of a broad range of facial injuries, including emergency care, acute treatment and long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation. His particular expertise includes the treatment of nasal and septal fractures, orbital (eye socket) fractures, soft tissue trauma/lacerations, as well as fractures of the midface-zygoma (cheek bone) and jaw.

Dr. Moradzadeh is an expert in treating facial fractures without the use of external visible incisions, micro-plating techniques and endoscopic repair of fractures. He is also an expert in wound healing and scar management— utilizing topical products, surgical techniques and several different lasers to customize treatments for each patient’s unique needs.

Injuries to the face, by their very nature, involve a high degree of emotional as well as physical trauma to patients. As a result, the science and art of treating them requires special training acquired through hands-on experience. It also demands psychological and medical understanding of how the treatment will influence the patient’s long-term function, appearance and self-esteem. Dr. Moradzadeh’s skilled and empathetic approach makes him particularly well suited to treating these kinds of injuries.

Dr. Moradzadeh is a fellowship trained expert in the management of traumatic facial injuries involving the facial bones and soft tissues.

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