Virtual Consultation

To accommodate patients from anywhere in the world, Dr. Moradzadeh can arrange to have an initial consultation virtually, via the Internet. He can review your photos and any pertinent medical records and, based on this information, will establish a tentative surgical plan. This virtual consultation is a chance for you to talk directly with him via Skype or telephone; determine if you’re a candidate for surgery before traveling to Los Angeles; learn about and discuss the doctor’s recommendations based on the information you provide; learn the costs for the proposed procedures.

The virtual consultation is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation, which is an absolute requirement before scheduling any type of surgery. In addition, Dr. Moradzadeh is unable to do any photo imaging for a virtual consultation. Accurate photo imaging can only be done after an in-person exam.

If you’d like to schedule a Virtual Consultation, please fill out and email the Contact Form, which also contains information on how to send photographs to us.

Pre-operative requirements
All surgery patients are required to have pre-operative blood work. Our staff can arrange for the lab work to be performed quickly— and have the results sent to our office for your convenience. To ensure safety, all patients over the age of 45 must also have medical clearance, a medical history and physical examination, and an EKG from their internist. If a patient does not have an internist, we can recommend one. Patients over 65 years of age will need an x-ray.

After your surgery has been scheduled,you’ll receive a surgical packet containing pre-operative instructions and procedure consents. Please read all of the documents and follow the instructions carefully.Medicines and supplements required for your procedure can be ordered at a pharmacy of your choice or provided through our office.

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