Liquid Face Lift Surgery

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As a person ages, the face begins to lose collagen and elastin, and this can lead to sagging facial features. The loss of facial volume (fat and bone) and elasticity also can result in the formation of wrinkles, lines and folds.

A liquid facelift is a technique that addresses these issues. It’s a process of injecting advanced dermal fillers (brands such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, Sculptra®, Perlane® and Radiesse®) to lift and contour facial features. Sometimes these fillers are used in conjunction with Botox® or Dysport® to eliminate motion related lines or fractional lasers to tighten the skin and improve color and texture.

A liquid facelift can accomplish any of the following:

  • provide a gentle lift of individual or overall facial features
  • reduce wrinkles, creases, lines or folds
  • mask bags or dark circles under the eyes
  • lift and diminish jowls
  • restore natural, curved facial contours
  • provide a more rested, energetic look to the face — and even a friendlier smile.

Most of the commercial fillers consist of natural substances produced by the body. Generally speaking, they replace lost volume in the face or help the body regenerate its own collagen. A liquid facelift typically lasts from one to two years, depending on the products used and the facial area treated.

Understanding the Procedure
Facial fillers are injected with a tiny needle or blunt cannula into the areas of concern. Filler injections can be placed on the bone to restore volume or in the dermis to directly fill wrinkles. Dr. Moradzadeh uses top-of-the-line fillers that have local anesthetic integrated into them. Anesthetic cream can be used to minimize discomfort and are very helpful around the mouth and lips. The entire procedure takes 15 minutes to an hour depending on the specific treatment plan.

What To Expect Afterwards
Since this is a nonsurgical procedure, there is little or no recovery time. Most patients can return to work or their normal daily activities immediately after the treatment. The side effects are minimal as well. Patients may experience some localized pain, bruising, redness or swelling around the injection site for a few days after the procedure.

Is a Liquid Facelift Right for You?
If you’re considering a facelift or other cosmetic surgery for your face, you may want to try a liquid facelift first. It actually has benefits that can’t be obtained from surgery, such as restoring natural facial contours and volume. (In fact, more and more cosmetic surgeons are augmenting surgery with liquid facelift products to restore natural, 3-dimensional contours to the face.) In addition, the results from a liquid facelift are typically subtler than those obtained through surgery.

Still, a liquid facelift is not for everyone. Patients who are highly allergic or hypersensitive to medicines or foreign substances — or who have certain types of cardiovascular disease, neuromuscular disorders, or other severe health issues — may not be good candidates for the procedure. Also, patients should never undergo a facial filler procedure in the presence of any active skin sore, herpes outbreak, rash, or other infection in the area near the site of the injection. The procedure should be postponed until the area is fully healed. Dr. Moradzadeh can advise you of any potential risks after reviewing your medical history.

Other Considerations
A liquid facelift procedure may not provide the type of dramatic improvement you’re looking for. Since the effects on the face are usually subtler than the results of a traditional facelift, you may want to opt for cosmetic surgery. Dr. Moradzadeh will give you his professional opinion during your consultation.

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