Gaining Confidence with the Latest Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Cosmetic surgery has always been sought after. At AM Facial Plastics, you can take advantage of the latest techniques to achieve a fresher and younger appearance. One of those techniques is Ultherapy. Also known as the “weekend facelift”, this groundbreaking technique provides you with the benefit of tighter facial skin without the need to actually […]

Eat This “Cousin Of The Cabbage” And Be A Better, Healthier, Younger Looking You!

We’ve all heard it growing up, “eat your vegetables”. Back then, we didn’t truly understand why veggies will make you “big and strong,” but as adults we should have a better understanding as to why healthy nutrition is key to being healthy and looking healthy. Vegetables are not as satisfying as french fries, or chocolate […]

Get your skin bright and fresh for spring

Most of you loved spending hours in the sun, but now your skin is paying the price. Even years after your ” sun bathing days,” sun damage can show up as brown spots and uneven skin coloring on noticeable areas such as your face, chest, arms, hands or shoulders. Luckily, my office offers a laser […]