CoolSculpting: Everything You Need to Know

Working out and eating nutritious food helps to keep you healthy and fit. However, these methods may not be enough to get rid of stubborn fat. Some fat bulges are more resistant to exercise and dieting, making it harder to reach your desired figure. If you have been doing everything right, and you still can’t seem to remove those fat deposits, you can contact us. At AM Facial Plastics, we offer CoolSculpting. If you have not heard of it, we are here to tell you everything you need to know, and how it can benefit you on your journey to boosting your confidence. Visit us in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, CA. You can also contact us online or call us to schedule a consultation. 

What is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that eliminates stubborn fat cells by using fat-freezing technology. It offers long-lasting results without the hassles of cosmetic surgery. CoolSculpting is a great way to finally get rid of unwanted fat bulges that exercise can’t eliminate. It is FDA-approved to treat the following areas: 




Inner and outer thighs

Bra rolls

Back fat

Upper arm

Under the buttocks (banana rolls)

Double Chin

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

To effectively reduce stubborn fat, we use cryolipolysis technology to freeze the fat cells under your skin. This is safe for the rest of your skin since fat cells break down at a higher temperature than your skin tissue. Your skin won’t be damaged in the process. After we freeze the fat cells, your body will eventually metabolize the destroyed fat cells so they can pass through your system naturally. You will notice the results as this happens. Once the fat cells die and leave your body, they cannot return. This means that the results can last for many years if you keep a steady weight with a healthy lifestyle. According to clinical studies, patients have experienced a 20% reduction in fat. 

CoolSculpting Results

The results from this treatment are not immediate. Patients can expect to see results in 2-3 months. However, this is different from patient to patient. If you need CoolSculpting for a particular event in the future, you should plan your sessions now to ensure that you have your desired results in time. For example, if you want CoolSculpting to get your body in shape for summer, you should start these treatments in winter. It will take an average of 6 months to see the final result. Good things take time, but you won’t regret CoolSculpting treatments. 

The Benefits of CoolSculpting

There are many procedures and treatments on the market to eliminate unwanted fat. However, CoolSculpting offers a range of benefits that some other fat-reduction treatments can’t. The most significant advantage of CoolSculpting is that it is non-invasive and requires no downtime. Since the treatment is pain-free, patients don’t need anesthesia. This also lowers the cost and duration of the treatment. There are no incisions, so you won’t have to worry about scarring or lengthy healing periods. 

The treatment is often considered relaxing. Patients can bring a book to read during the session and enjoy the calming atmosphere. You won’t need to take time off work to recover. You can return to work right after your session if you’d like. Most regular activities can be resumed.

In addition to that, the results are permanent. Once your fat cells are destroyed, they cannot return. However, patients can still lose their slim figure if they don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The CoolSculpting Procedure

During your CoolSculpting session, we will use an applicator to cool your fat cells in the targeted area. The applicator cup is attached to draw tissue between the cooling panels with gentle vacuum pressure. We don’t need to remove the fat cells. They will be eliminated through your metabolic system. This leads to a gradual decrease in fat, helping you slim down. The procedure itself takes over two hours to complete, depending on the targeted area. 

However, we can only say for sure how long your sessions will be once you visit us for a consultation. We can create a unique plan to provide your desired outcome. Your sessions may be longer if you are treating more than one area. If you would prefer multiple sessions to treat different areas, we can arrange that. Tell us what suits you, and we will come up with a plan to accommodate your schedule and preferences. 

Ideal Candidates for CoolSculpting

There aren’t many restrictions for CoolSculpting treatments. It is a safe and effective bodysculpting method. However, CoolSculpting will not help you lose weight. Patients should be in a healthy condition when they receive their treatment. 

CoolSculpting is Not a Weight Loss Substitute

Before scheduling your bodysculpting session, it is important to note that CoolSculpting is not an alternative to a balanced diet and regular exercise. These healthy habits will keep you in good shape, while CoolSculpting simply removes stubborn fat that can’t be targeted. Patients should stick to their exercise routine and diet before and after their CoolSculpting session. This ensures that the results last as long as possible, providing you with a slimmer figure. 

Schedule Your CoolSculpting Session Today

We encourage many patients to use CoolSculpting to reach their body goals. It is a pain-free, non-surgical treatment with no downtime. You can enjoy the long-lasting effects without the extended recovery period. At AM Facial Plastics, we put your needs first. We understand that you may have questions. We are here to answer them and put your mind at ease. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!